HPS Grow Lights (otherwise known as high-pressure sodium lights) are gaining more and more popularity with growers, particularly cannabis and marijuana growers. They are perfect for cannabis/marijuana plants because of their ability to be used for both the vegetative and flowering stages. No other bulb can replicate the natural light spectrum from the sun quite like high-quality HPS lights. They are nearly a perfect match, and because of the high degree of red light in the HPS light, it promotes maximum flower growth.

And when it comes to cost, HPS bulbs are an economical option compared to higher priced lighting systems such as LED. They are cheap, easy to use, and produce large and dense blooms. Browse our selection of HPS grow lights and HPS grow light kits today. If you prefer HPS technology and want to stick with it’s tried and true results, you’ll discover our HPS grow lights won’t let you down.